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1 Windowscompilers - Python Wiki
Even though Python is an interpreted language, you may need to install Windows C++ compilers in some cases. Unlike Linux, compilers for Windows are not included by ...

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2 Pythonspeed/performancetips - Python …
This page is devoted to various tips and tricks that help improve the performance of your Python programs. Wherever the information comes from someone else, I've ...

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3 Python-dateutil - Labix
Description. The dateutil module provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module, available in Python 2.3+. News. 2011-03-24 . dateutil 2.0 is out!

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4 Ideas - O'reilly Media
It's time to establish big data standards. The deployment of big data tools is being held back by the lack of standards in a number of growth areas.

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5 Faq - Id3.org
Frequently Asked Questions. This is a "true" frequently asked questions list (as opposed to list-of-things-I-think-you-should-know named as FAQ).

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6 Introduction - Id3.org
Consumer description. Digital audio files can contain, in addition to the audio track, related text and/or graphical information. The information you're probably ...

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7 Tutorials/averaging - Brainstorm
Averaging. We will now compute the average responses for both the "standard" and "deviant" conditions. Two constraints have to be taken into consideration at this stage.

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8 Frontpage - Raspbian
Support Raspbian. Raspbian is a community funded and supported free software effort. Although Raspbian is free software, the development costs associated with it are ...

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9 Home - Openhpi
Welcome. OpenHPI provides an open source implementation of the Service Availability Forum (SAF) Hardware Platform Interface (HPI). HPI is an abstracted interface for ...

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10 Bashfaq/105 - Greg's Wiki - …
Once upon a time, a man with a dirty lab coat and long, uncombed hair showed up at the town police station, demanding to see the chief of police.

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11 Tutorials/exploreanatomy - Brainstorm
Interaction with the file system. For most manipulations, it is not necessary to know exactly what is going on at the level of the file system, in the Brainstorm ...

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12 Raspbianxbmc - Raspbian
XBMC Configuration Output. The following is output from the XBMC configuration command. It may be useful for comparison purposes and to …

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13 Greg's Wiki Bashguide - …
Introduction. You are invited to make additions or modifications so long as you can keep them accurate. Please test any code samples you write.

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14 Libressl/history - Freebsd Wiki
Before initial release. Prior to release of LibreSSL portable the following features were removed. MD2 and SEED algorithms 1. SSLv2 1. Compression 1

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15 Categorygoals - Neat Portal Wiki
You may "comment" out certain lines by adding a // or # at the beginning of the line. The bot will not perform any goals or scripts written on a commented line.

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16 Faq/miscellaneous - Tomcat Wiki
Preface. This section contains various miscellaneous questions that are asked frequently enough to be listed here. Questions. I am unable to compile my JSP!

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17 Commonqueryparameters - Solr Wiki
03/04/2014 · q. The q parameter is normally the main query for the request. See Solr query syntax for more information on different types of queries and syntaxes.

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