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1 Python-dateutil - Labix
Description. The dateutil module provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module, available in Python 2.3+. News. 2011-03-24 . dateutil 2.0 is out!

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2 Neat Portal Wiki - Neat Portal Wiki
NeatBot - The Next Generation Evony Helper. Our goal with NeatBot is not to provide yet another Evony Age I bot, it is to provide the best Evony Age I bot, for free.

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3 Id3.org - The Mp3 Tag Standard
Description of ID3 tagging standard (version 2) for MP3 files. Includes specifications, implementations and a mailing list.

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4 Getting Started - Wxpywiki - Wxpython
app = wx.App(False) Every wxPython app is an instance of wx.App. For most simple applications you can use wx.App as is. When you get …

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5 Storagelocations - Neat Portal Wiki
If you've ever wondered where the heck the bot keeps hiding your goals, scripts, npc farming history, global settings, and more... you've come to the right place.

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6 Downloads - Openbugs
OpenBUGS license. Please click here, License, before downloading OpenBUGS software . Release (3.2.3) of OpenBUGS is now available. Changes to …

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7 Bashguide/commandsandarguments - …
Commands and Arguments. BASH reads commands from its input (which is usually either a terminal or a file). Each line of input that it reads is treated as a command ...

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8 Giving A Negative Reference For A …
It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. Should I give a negative reference for a nightmare employee? I once served on the board of a small nonprofit ...

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9 Faq - Httpd Wiki
16/12/2015 · Contents. Background. What is Apache? How and why was Apache HTTP Server created? Why the name "Apache"? How does Apache httpd performance compare to …

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1 Python Pylab Environment For 32 Bit Windows
Python / PyLab environment for 32‐bit Windows: ... Start with ane of these versions far learning Python or if you want the mast stability'; ... MoinMoin Powered

2 Eping May 2007 - Hpug.org.uk
EPING May 2007 This is an archived edition of EPing, first published in May 2007. Although every effort has been made to preserve the original content, errors may ...

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